Yu Chi Gow
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Yu Chi Gow
The ingredients of this dumpling - shrimp, mushroom, pork, celery, carrots, corriander and flat Chinese chives - are all shredded to be about the same size as the Yu Chi, or (artificial)shark's fin.

The shark's fin is soaked and processed to remove any unwanted fishy flavor, and then mixed with a little salt, sugar and starch to make the texture smooth.  The ingredients are still raw when wrapped in pastry, and must be steamed a good ten minutes to cook thoroughly.  For this reason, a stronger pastry is used  and the wrapping around Yu Chi Gow resembles that of Sui My - a pale yellow square.  You can tell shark's fin dumplings by their large size, crimped tops and slightly bulgy appearance.
Yu Chi Gow Dim Sum
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