Why I Wrote It
Why I Wrote This Book?
I wanted a one-of-a-kind book that introduces, teaches and inspires.
HAVE SOME DIM SUM was born from a conversation in a Dim Sum place many years ago.   A friend said he loves dim sum but finds the experience of ordering it a bit frustrating.  It's understandable when you don't speak Chinese.  I then decided to do a book that:
  1. guides people through various kinds of Dim Sum
  2. describes what you're actually eating in each kind
  3. includes a bit of early Dim Sum history
  4. gives you Dim Sum know-how and table etiquette
  5. includes Do-It-Yourself diagrams for home entertaining
Producing the book was fun.  Especially the photography part. The dim sum that is used to get the PERFECT SHOT has to be chosen from many many pieces.  A high-end Toronto restaurant provided all the dim sum I needed for the 5 day photo-shoot.  That's a lot of dim sum!
One word about the photographer - Vince Noguchi.  He is not only one of
the most highly regarded food photographers around, he is nice to work with.
Watching him photograph the food was fascinating.  Together with the food stylist who is also superb in her craft, he created all the stunning photographs you see in my book.
The dim sum that were the chosen ones to appear in the photos were called
"heros".  The collection of beautiful dim sum that didn't make the cut had to be
eaten, of course.  The team had great fun doing that every day after the shoot!
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