Top Ten
Dim  Sum Fun
Top 10 reasons for exploring the world of Dim Sum:
  1. You get great taste, textures and endless varieties.
  2. It is fresh food cooked in small batches.
  3. It has little additives and no trans-fat.
  4. It is served as soon as you arrive, just like fast food.
  5. By choosing steamed dim sum, you avoid high calories.
  6. It's a great party when you eat out.
  7. It's an interesting and easy skill to learn.
  8. It's an interesting conversation starter if you're dating.
  9. Kids love the creativity of making dim sum.
  10. Making dim sum can be an excellent team-building exercise.


*Dim Sum literally means "Touch the Heart", so plan a romantic dim sum dinner for two.
*Cook with the exotic but easy recipes to make your parties sensational.
*Involve your kids and play with the dumpling wraps.
*Create fusion foods by wrapping different ingredients in regular spring roll pastry. (see page 39 in book)
* Have a Wrap-Your-Own dinner party when friends are over.
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