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Evelyn Chau  ...the author
Evelyn Chau is a writer, interpreter and food lover, who also has a deep interest in healthy living.  Originally from Hong Kong, Evelyn has been interested in food since she was about five. She was recruited by her grandmother to prepare Bird's Nest Soup, a great delicacy in Chinese cuisine. The resulting soup left an indelible memory on her tastebuds and the experience instilled in her a habit of organization in the kitchen.

HAVE SOME DIM SUM is her first book.

Former Canadian Governor-General Adrienne Clarkson owns a copy, and so do members of the Women's Culinary Network, and the International Association of Culinary Professionals.
Dim Sum is Healthy Fast Food
I initially wrote Have Some Dim Sum for people who have curiosity, a taste for exciting ethnic cuisine and an appreciation of good cooking.

There is another good reason: Health.

Dim Sum is freshly made food with very little additives and no trans-fat. It is fast, ready to be served as soon as you arrive in the restaurant.
The best thing is, you can choose to order only steamed dim sum and still get great taste, textures and variety.  In my book, there are 18 types of steamed savoury dim sum, and 15 sweet dim sum that are not fried.

Do give them a try!
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