Held in restaurants and party function rooms throughout Toronto

What's New?

* Regular Adults' Classes
* Vegetarian Adults' Classes
What to Expect in a class:
  • The Hands-On part: We do four kinds of dim sum. These are easy, fun and you can do different things with them once you've learned the basics
  • You learn the art of wrapping & rolling, then the kitchen cooks it
  • Kitchen Tour: We get this rare look of a Chinese kitchen in action, and you can ask the chefs questions to your heart's content

The Most Fun Part: We sit down and enjoy our creations. The restaurant brings out some more dim sum for us to sample.  Then, everybody gets a signed copy of "HAVE SOME DIM SUM" and delicious leftovers to take home.
Find out about our regular and kids-welcome workshops.
Check this site for upcoming dates or email us so we can contact you first.
Special Group Rates.
Have a private DIM SUM party for your children or friends.
Or, entertain your friends at your own birthday party, where they get to eat their own creations and learn a fun skill.
Locations can be arranged throughout downtown Toronto.

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A recent group at CHA LIU DIM SUM SHOP, Toronto.
Photo courtesy of Terence Go (back row, R)

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