Dim Sum is Hot!
Have Some DIM SUM
by Evelyn Chau

-an illustrated recipe & guidebook
on how to enjoy healthy Dim Sum dining to the fullest.

Evelyn Chau talks about healthy choices on CBC Radio in Ottawa morning radio show "Ontario Today" Friday,May 23,08.
Do you want to add something fun, healthy and exotic to your cooking skills?
Do you wish you had a personal guide when you are in a Dim Sum restaurant?
Do you want to wow your party guests with a unique culinary twist?
At your next family get together go DIM SUM! With this special guidebook, you will know how to order the delectable dishes that you want. Discover the varieties of this cuisine for your next brunch.
Ordering your favorite dish is made easy and previously undiscovered delicacies await.

Twenty tempting recipes including both traditional and recent Hong Kong-North American fusion dishes are also presented. With dishes such as Chicken Enoki Dumplings, Shrimp Rolls and Vegetarian Soya Rolls, you can choose health and amazing taste at the same time.
Chinese Dim Sum is ancient and the origins of many items are clouded in mystique and legends. HAVE SOME DIM SUM is your introduction to this Chinese cuisine that is getting more popular by the day.

Take this book to restaurants and have a good idea of what is in each dim sum. There are descriptions of all the favorite items you will find in a dim sum restaurant - with great pictures, phonetic names, food history and helpful etiquette pointers.

Order HAVE SOME DIM SUM TODAY! It makes a great birthday or anniversary present for your loved ones. Get healthy, get DIM SUM!

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